Maya Subba Redefining The Modern Woman.

Our #DAWoman of the season is Maya Subba, a young millennial who redefines the epitome of the Modern Woman. She is currently finishing off her Undergraduate majoring in International Politics and Management.

Whilst taking a semester off from University, she interned in Nepal focusing on a few National Priority projects working closely with the Minister of Finance and Minister of Foreign Affairs. Exploring her philanthropic attribute, Maya is currently serving at The Collective, helping out within the communications department as well as partaking in an out reach program to give back to local communities in Indonesia. 

Juggling university and philanthropic projects, being the Modern Woman herself she believes that women now are

“Generally strong, versatile, redefines predetermined gendered roles and acknowledges that her worth is not dependent on male expectations. The modern woman isn’t a set image, but her embodying empowering qualities that allow her to live as her authentic self.”

Feminism has been interpreted differently throughout the years, from being perceived, as delicate and sweet now feminism is a balance of both soft and strong attributes. For Maya, Modern Feminism is about creating space for women where they can express themselves freely and be able to step into with what they believe it is their calling with boldness and great conviction.  “More than equal rights, it’s the ability to live out their job of choice in confidence without negative societal stigmas.” she elaborates.

With the rise of feminist campaigns, there are still misconceptions of  feminism discriminating men whereas it should be about gender equality, “Women empowerment movements has shifted in social and political ideologies of how woman are seen in society today, but there is still a lot of work to be done.”

As quite a strong feminist herself, we asked her what female qualities would she tell women to embrace,

Resilience: So often, women are complained to be too opinionated or too bossy. Never stop fighting for your values and making it clear of where the line should be drawn.

Sex appeal: To embrace your body, to be comfortable showing it off no matter what shape or style and to just own it.

Confidence: Own yourself. Be assured and proud of who you are, and understand that each person is individually unique with different strengths.

Sisterhood: we should be unified and support one another. Diminish toxic perceptions that other women are competitors but see them as our sisters, who we should support, encourage and constantly lift up.

Which closes our interview with Maya. Complementing her sporty and lively character, our #DAWoman casually left our photoshoot in her most comfortable chic street attire.

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